Electronic Transcript Management System

Information is the most important asset for economic development in the 21st century. Through its capacity to augment productivity, it increasingly constitutes the foundation of a country’s competitive advantage, particularly in a developing country. There are currently various government reforms and initiatives aimed at improving educational system. Considerable progress can be made in a nation through careful engineering of the educational process. Currently there are many challenges being faced in manual processing and exchanging of transcripts.

SBSC designed Script to merge the benefits of technology with the growing demands within the educational sector. This technology platform processes transcripts/certificates request while maintaining all the required international privacy, security and compliance standards.


Electronic Transcript Generation

Enables universities/institutions to expedite automated processing of transcripts/ certificates. This also includes the flexibility to generate customized transcript/certificate templates.

Electronic Transcript Exchange

To enable universities, and other tertiary institutions to exchange electronic transcripts with participating tertiary institutions via secure network and automated e-mail acknowledgements / alerts.

Transcript Ordering

Allows students/parents and alumni of participating tertiary institutions to order transcripts online and make payments using a Secured Payment Gateway.


Reduce Cost

Transcript/certificates are stored and maintained digitally, reducing costs associated processing, generating, printing.

Save Time

Administrative efforts are noticeably reduced by our platform, for processing Transcripts / certificates and addressing to exchange requests of students.

Increased Access

Requests are not limited to business hours of the institutions. The online solution can process requests 24×7.

Instant Delivery

Transcripts/certificates are instantly delivered to academic institutions, prospective employers and other recipients via our secure integrated Electronic Transcript Delivery Network.