At SBSC, we deliver differently …

Keep our eyes on Africa …

With the best talent in management and technology consulting our goal, as a global organization, is simple: Drive business value by Delivering Solutions Differently to our business partners across the globe. With deep expertise in Financial services, Retail, Travel, Transport, Logistics and Insurance industries, our team has steadily established long lasting relationships and a great reputation in our 5 years of doing business.

In Africa, we are no different. Equipped with a deep “know-how” of the African business terrain and a firm grasp of technology, we are focused on helping our clients Win Big in this dynamic marketplace.

We are deeply rooted in the region and have aggressively built a strong SBSC Africa team from local talent to collaborate with our 5000+ employees across the world- all with the single goal of realizing our promise of driving value in Africa. Driving business value, growing people, and building long lasting relationships is not we do. It’s who we are.

At SBSC, qualities such as Innovation, Entrepreneurial Drive, and Ethical Behaviour are common amongst employees.



Innovation is a benchmark in our talent pool. At SBSC, we harness our global strengths to build sustainable solutions. In Africa we are investing in having the best talent, who are creative by nature, and are excited about leveraging leading-edge technology to facilitate ingenious solutions for the continent.

Entrepreneurial Drive

We look for individuals, who are independently driven, and always working towards new approaches, products and services, using technology.

Ethical Behaviour

We hold our employees to the highest standard of ethical behaviour, as part of our corporate social responsibility.