Today’s business enterprises must deal with global competition, reduce costs and rapidly develop new services and products. To achieve this, they must constantly reconsider and optimize how they do business and update their information systems and applications to support evolving business processes. Over the last decade, business solutions have increasingly focused on increasing efficiency by concentrating on the routine aspects of work activities. They typically separate work activities into well-defined tasks, roles, rules, and procedures which regulate most of the work in manufacturing and the office.

SBSC a leading software solutions provider that offers innovative and distinct business process solutions, specializing in developing tools that bring noticeable changes in businesses. Our Workflow Management Software is designed to strip away all the superfluous work tasks and simplify the human element of a process.

Key Features


Provides a comprehensive view of pending and overdue tasks and projects. Allows management to view team tasks. Viewable memos (workflows) assigned to and from the users.

Memo/Workflow Management

Provides quick links for creation of tasks, uploading documents and viewing reports. Lists all incoming and outgoing workflows through the user. Shows complete details and status of a workflow, including e-Signature date and time of approver.

Project/Task Management:

Details all assigned and pending tasks and projects assigned by or assigned to the user. Users can create projects and tasks and linkages from tasks to projects. Tasks can be easily reassigned or marked as completed.

Increased Efficiency

Drill down reports for projects and tasks assigned to the user or to the department. Workflow audit trail reports.

User/Role Management

Create roles that allows users to view, edit and delete data across all modules. Create groups and manage users


To Do list

Provides “To Do” manager, which allows users to add, delete or mark pending work as completed.


Provides system generated email notifications for changes to projects, tasks and workflows.


Reducing Errors

Decreases manual and human error that cost time and resources to address by alerting users of late actions, pending approvals, overlooked tasks and more.

Improved Communication

Employees no longer need to manually notify each other when a process is complete or moves from one role to another. Notifications and status updates keep all team members involved and informed.

Increased Revenue

A streamlined process will optimize use of valuable time and resources. This leads to more productivity, which saves revenue.

Streamlined Processes

Easily identify tasks that completed simultaneously instead of sequentially, resulting in faster project start times and internal approvals.


Automation of manual tasks eliminate bottlenecks and unencumbers resources, allowing them to meet new demands.