Application Development

How SBSC Help ?

Software Business Solutions Consulting’s (SBSC's) Application Development services are designed to assist businesses meet the evolving technology landscape challenges by establishing, creating and developing customized applications that satisfy organizational needs. We emphasize outcomes that increase user productivity and adoption rates while simultaneously improving returns on business investments.

Application Consultancy

Analyze the specific needs of an organization in order to develop technological systems and solutions that perform processes and functions easily and effectively

Custom Development

Modifies purchased applications to meet or satisfy defined business processes to reduce time, costs and risks

Application Customization

Tailors out of the box applications to meet or satisfy specific business processes and achieve business goals in addition to saving time and reducing costs and risks

User Experience

User centered design practices that leverage predefined methods and techniques to meet a user’s goals and measures of success as well as the objectives of an organization

Rapid Business Prototyping

Places less emphasis on planning activities and focuses on development and utilizes prototypes to facilitate the process of adaptation as the project evolves

Benefits With SBSC

SBSC’s extensive expertise across various major industries has provided us with the skills and insights necessary to offer solutions that best fit your business needs :

Reduced Time To Market
Our results oriented approach will assist in increasing productivity without delays due to hiring, on boarding or reassignment processes. This approach results in a reduced time to market as well as increased confidence in knowing that your brand recognition and marketing efforts are successful.

Increased Technical Capabilities
Ensures that you have the necessary and desired skills sets where they are needed without hiring additional or retaining current resources. SBSC’s Development Center of Excellence (DCoE) is staffed with resources that are experts across a wide range of platforms and languages.

Flexible Resource Capacity
You have full access to all that our DCoE has to offer. You can immediately ramp up for a project without the normal down times associated with locating, hiring and assigning the right resources.  Leveraging our DCoEs flexibility provides you with a powerful and effective option.

The SBSC Advantage

  • Proven expertise and usage of industry best practices that are relevant to your organizational needs
  • A robust infrastructure coupled with lifecycle process consistency ensures high quality and reliable applications and services
  • Highly skilled project team members who are proficient using a wide range of tools, languages and platforms
  • Flexible development resources allow us to staff up or down depending on the needs of each individual project