Healthcare Vendor Management System

The rapid technological changes and advancements in the healthcare industry has reshaped not only patient care delivery and the business of healthcare, but they also require the implementation of new strategies from vendors who support the healthcare system. Workforce solutions and healthcare staffing services are greatly impacted by these changes. Consolidation of the healthcare industry has created increased demand for staffing services. Healthcare providers must fill shifts and vacant positions by using redundant staffing efforts and inefficient manual scheduling procedures.

SBSC’s Healthcare Vendor Management Platform (HVM) simplifies the end to end management of a hospital’s entire supplemental staffing needs and is powered by proprietary bidding and talent ranking engine that ensures medical facilities receive the best-qualified clinical professionals at a true market rate. This customizable solution provides our healthcare clients with a platform specifically tailored to meet their goals and objectives in a short period of time without sacrificing quality or functionality.


Vendor Management

  • Centralized staffing agencies management.
  • Streamline posting communication.
  • Efficient scheduling & time management.
  • Skills portfolio & credential monitoring.

Job & Shift Management
Centralized job board to easily handle all posting, sharing and awarding requirements. Simplified shifts assignment function with alternative shift response ability. Availability search function. Credential alerts and push notifications.

Time & Billing Management
All time, billing and reconciliation needs in one centralized area. Easy to use time/attendance and time card repository. Create, edit and submit invoices. Simplified reconciliation process.

Provides reports like – Master Schedule, Shift reports, Quality Assurance, Billing & reconciliation, Agency spend, Credentials (Missing, expiring or expired).


Save Time
With an automated process, you don’t have to reach out to each vendor when a staff need arises. Our HVM Platform broadcasts the vacancy to all vendors and returns a list of vetted options. HVM automates time card approval and consolidates invoices. Less time spent on hiring, staffing and invoicing means more time spent on patient care.

Control Costs
A vendor neutral solution favors cost-competitive vendors. Vendor tiering can be used to negotiate better rates. Reduced administrative labor hours creates more efficient use of resources. Program transparency provides tremendous detail about spending, keeping you on budget when making financial decisions.

Increase Quality
Real-time profile matching ensures that candidates are compliant and credentialed, guaranteeing reliable, consistent quality. Rating systems help reduce the chance of a poor fit by allowing you to choose candidates based on prior performance and visit history.