Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies consistently encounter challenges that call for the improvement of natural resource exploration, execution of capital projects, increased business performance, and supply chain integration and optimization. Partnerships of all kinds are crucial to strong performance, and in the oil and gas industry, these partnerships regularly involve business processes and capabilities stretching across company boundaries. Increasingly, strong decision-making capabilities are a prerequisite for increased profitability. Information technology is a necessary component to facilitate success with Global and Local Strategy implementation.

The most effective way to gain market share within an industry is by serving customers more cost effectively, efficiently and quickly than the competition. Leveraging IT solutions that optimize the manufacturing process, provide analytics and valuable, actionable operational insight and reduce or remove bottlenecks is a vital component of driving business forward.

IT strategy is becoming the linchpin of today’s organizations. Technology is being increasingly used and is the mechanism for driving innovation, enabling growth, and reducing costs. An effective IT strategy not only addresses the various requirements and realities of business and technology trends, it also integrates IT capabilities (including IT organization, strategic partners, and architectures) with business needs to enable business success.

To best serve our clients, we work with them to gain a deep understanding of their operations, capabilities and technology infrastructure as well as their business goals and objectives. This allows our experienced and knowledgeable team to develop and design effective, customizable, scalable, cutting edge solutions that support an IT organization’s business strategies and promote sound decision making.

  • Business Operations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology Infrastructure & Development
  • Fleet Management
  • Customer Care Management

Areas Covered

We have assisted our Oil & Gas clients with:

  1. Business Operations and Strategy

    We performed a detailed analysis to understand the client’s full operation which allowed us to design an approach that focused on maximizing earnings around core business activities, ensuring that our clients convert their strategy into realized results. The strategies we develop provided our client with the confidence needed to stay competitive by understanding where and when to invest and when to implement changes to maximize their advantages.

  2. Supplier Chain Health Assessment

    We worked with our clients to review the end-to-end supplier chain ecosystem and implemented process changes that leverage expertise across the organization, dissolved any inward thinking environments, promoted information sharing and access as well as eliminated duplication of effort across the various business areas to align and support achievement of long-term operational strategies.

  3. Remote Location Monitoring

    Using our Smart Fuel suite of proprietary monitoring software, we provided our client with the tools required to achieve real-time monitoring and fuel tracking across their entire workflow. We were also able to reduce the number of fraud incidents by 60% by utilizing fleet tracking and onboard fuel measuring devices that provided data transparencies necessary to effectively manage reservoir Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  4. Business Intelligence and Analytics

    Gaining full insight to the changes within the supply chain is essential to understanding the growing demands of the ecosystem. To achieve this result, our subject matter experts analyzed trends and conditions around competitors’ success utilizing business intelligence models to identify areas of improvement and opportunity.