Program & Project Management

How SBSC Help ?

SBSC’s Program, Project and Service Management encompasses the entire application lifecycle to ensure the highest quality by invigorating an organization’s project management practices in order to accelerate project delivery times, decrease costs as well as build upon best practices and methodologies.

Program Management Office

Establishes governance model that tracks and monitors projects and programs to ensure successful execution

Project Management Center of Excellence

Fosters best in class project management capabilities by leveraging resources, procedures and technology

Enterprise PMO

Establishes governance model that tracks and monitors projects and programs across an entire organization to ensure successful execution

Program & Project Execution

Assigned resources who drive the implementation, delivery and closeout of a project or program to fulfill business objective

Services Management

Continuous review and improvement of existing project/program management policies and procedures

Benefits With SBSC

Improved Decision Making
Increased and enhanced visibility ensure that projects and programs align with organizational goals and objectives.

Minimize Risk
An effective PMO that is evidence based will assist with ensuring that current projects support organizational objectives as well as provide insight into the overall health of a project which can be used to mitigate risk.

Repeatable Success
Our proven processes, methodologies and best practices are the mechanisms that drive repeatable, predictable and measurable project success within a PMO.

The SBSC Advantage

  • We combine customization and integration power our tool’s automated management capabilities, resulting in increased productivity and delivery.
  • SBSC has created a well defined project and program methods built on existing processes, templates and data.
  • Our flexible approach allows us to support existing enterprise applications to improve project and program delivery, however, we are equipped to support emerging technologies as well.