Application Support

How SBSC Help ?

SBSC’s Application Support Services manages the operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrading of an application throughout its lifecycle.  Our approach is geared towards providing optimal application performance to meet or exceed stakeholder benchmarks. Our main focus is to provide exceptional service to application owners such as executive level personnel, who use information to assist with productivity, financial and control decisions. Our support also extends to the application developers, managers and IT enterprise personnel who are responsible for the development, deployment and maintenance of an application as well as the end-users and personnel who are the most impacted by the security, privacy, versioning and the overall usability of an application and its modules.

Level 1 Functions

  • Password resets
  • Basic hardware troubleshooting
  • Unlocking of end user accounts
  • Basic connectivity troubleshooting
  • Basic account administration
  • Escalation to levels 2 & 3

Level 3 Functions

  • Security and updates
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Installation of approved and licensed software
  • Outage and security incident response

Level 2 Functions

  • Set-up of new computers
  • Set-up of new users
  • Removal of accounts and access for exiting employees
  • Training primary help desk support personnel in general help desk issues
  • Backup to the primary help desk support
  • Updates to primary support personnel

Benefits With SBSC

Strategic Shift
Our Application Management team permits an organization to free up resources to allow them to re-focus on achieving business objectives without decreasing productivity.

Fixed Pricing and Lower Cost
Because our costs are negotiated and fixed, partnering with SBSC is less expensive than the costs associated with hiring full time employees.

Support Availability
Many organizations only offer help desk support during normal business hours, however we provide many flexible options that ensure coverage for any work schedule.

The SBSC Advantage

  • Reduces labor expenses by leveraging remote access diagnose and troubleshoot problems, which significantly improves response time
  • We resolve issues quickly because of our knowledgeable and experience technicians that exceed customer expectations