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How can SBSC Help?

Technology and processes are not the goals—they are simply tools to get to the goal. Technology development projects such as implementing new business software or migrating to the cloud are vital to a company’s growth and its ability to adapt to change. However, they are not without risk, as an uninformed decision may lead to technology that is not compatible or appropriate. A poorly handled project’s low ROI is bad enough, but an ineffective multi-year technology strategy can be even worse. Fortunately, these problems can be avoided with the right application of knowledge and expertise during the development process.

Information technology (IT) consulting services allow companies to implement IT strategies and solutions to achieve business-IT alignment, and drive max value from the current IT initiatives.

At SBSC, we believe in integrating informational technology (IT) into your overall business strategy, helping you to take full advantage of the opportunities it creates, such as moving into a different market, capturing market share or growing revenue.

We can help you develop and execute a clear and strategic IT roadmap with priorities that are closely linked to business goals. We will work one-on-one with your team to understand your goals, business processes, and current information systems capabilities.

IT Strategy & Planning

IT Strategy & Planning

With our roadmap of initiatives that are tied directly to business outcomes and complete with a detailed plan and a rock-solid timeline and budget, we can bring your organization up to speed; we can guide you with the best possible answers to the most complex technical challenges, and provide end-to-end tech assistance that best fits your unique organization.

IT Service Management Assessment

IT Service Management Assessment

We follow a structured engagement approach to assess, analyze, and develop value-added recommendations to augment your ITSM processes. We make sure to carry out a “future-needs” assessment and provide necessary direction with respect to your IT infrastructure, IT organization, and operational processes and procedures. We also develop a high-level implementation plan.

Business Processes and Cost Optimization

Business Processes and Cost Optimization

Our information technology consultants leverage their experience and tools to analyze your spending, research your existing licensing contracts, and review your technology usage. We look at your data capture scenarios and search for opportunities to streamline the process, improve workflow, and automate your consumption.

Benefits With SBSC

In a fast-paced world of increased consumer choice and quick-moving competitors, innovation through use of technology isn’t just a nice thing to have; it’s essential for growth. SBSC’s extensive expertise can provide an objective eye to help achieve optimization from the existing assets. We also extend guidance to diversify your tech stack for improvisation on most needed business capabilities.

Control Operating Expenses and Minimize Cost
One of the primary interests of a small business owner today is to generate predictable IT costs. The value associated with the technology service provider goes well beyond reducing costs and can even lead to significant savings. Cost savings can also be realized as a result of not having to deal with vacation, training, recruiting, sick days and management issues that are all removed from the equation when you leverage an IT consultant. Costs are planned, controlled and budgeted using an outside IT consultant.

Improved System Maintenance
Even just a couple of minutes of downtime from a company’s websites or internal server has tremendous business costs. It is a primary goal for the majority of small business owners today to maximize their uptime. Small businesses cannot afford issues associated with corrupt data, internet connectivity, email communications or systems failure. The cost of even attempting to react to such events is extremely high. An IT consultant can offer a measured and planned approach towards maintenance, backup, disaster recovery, and systems maintenance. When this is combined with remote systems monitoring, this can eliminate expensive and frustrating downtime.

Improve Productivity
IT consulting services can also assist with enhancing productivity by enabling collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing that allows individual employees to innovate in the day to day aspects of their job. Such capabilities are delivered through multiple technologies including central databases, file servers, mobile platforms, email communications and broadband connectivity. Businesses can benefit from true productivity when this technology is properly maintained, implemented and planned. Best practices around maintaining, implementing and planning allow service providers and technology to obtain maximum productivity enhancements.

Focusing More on Core Business Functions
Engaging the services of an IT consultant allows internal staff to focus their time on the revenue generating activities for which they are better skilled. When each person on the team is working on projects and tasks aligned with their personal preferences and zone of genius, productivity increases for the entire company.

Ensures Expertise and Best Practices
IT is a very vast, fast growing and ever evolving field. Look around you, you will be shocked to see how many new technologies are being introduced in the market on a daily basis. As someone who does not specialize in IT, it can be very hard for one to keep track and stay updated about all these matters. This is why it is best to have a professional IT consulting service provider on board. They are specialized service providers with ample experience and expertise in the IT domain. The company can benefit greatly from their knowledge and expertise. Plus, these professional service providers are quite well versed and better equipped to handle different IT related tasks as compared to someone with a non-IT background.

The SBSC Advantage

  • Our team of experts can become your outsourced IT department; responding to issues quickly, often before you even know about them. Your IT infrastructure is our priority!
  • We offer flexible and scalable services option which allows businesses to pick and choose the services you require. This means that businesses can easily scale up or reduce the services as the needs of the company grow and expand further!
  • We align our tactics with your objectives. As your IT partner, we consult with your enterprise to align our technology services with your business needs.
  • We continually raise the bar on IT consulting service by always measuring, reporting and improving along the way. With our technology consulting service, your business can focus its operational efforts on its critical business goals.