Mobile APP Development

How SBSC Help ?

Software Business Solutions Consulting (SBSC) is committed to building a common architecture that supports mobile services/products and drives end to end integrated mobility solutions. The success of your mobility solutions depends on a combination of selecting the right partner, industry leading processes and the best fitting technologies. We approach these challenges by developing cutting edge, innovative, effective and user friendly mobile solutions that leverages current technologies in the most efficient way.

Mobility Consulting

Work with our mobility advisory services team and develop a sound strategy to achieve your enterprise mobility goals.

Managed Mobility Services

Our managed services help you accelerate deployment of mobile technology through cloud enabled, “pay as you go” services for a predictable fixed fee.

Mobile Automation Services

We have a wide range of mobility solutions, ranging from pre built frameworks to complete enterprise solutions.

Mobile Application Development

We reinvent the way you design and develop custom mobile applications from UI design and testing, through data integration and security.

Benefits With SBSC

SBSC helps you realize an enterprise wide mobility strategy through:

Comprehensive mobility solutions
Realize a comprehensive, customized mobility strategy aligned to your business objectives with our spectrum of services that include consulting, application development, maintenance, testing and performance analysis and integration within mobile advertisement network.

Cost effective and customized applications
Accelerate mobile application development at a reasonable cost with our mature mobile architecture as well as rapidly scalable engineering talent. Ensure close coordination, faster issue resolution, improved visibility and faster deployment of your mobile applications with our iterative agile development approach.

Improved application security
Protect data and counter security threats with our security assessment and strategies. Our products are tested, validated and certified by an experienced team of mobile and IT security experts.

The SBSC Advantage

  • Differentiated Mobility Architectures
  • Strategic mobility consulting capability
  • User interface design capability
  • Dedicated Collaboration Center and a state of the art mobile usability lab
  • Ability to integrate across standard and proprietary back end systems