Business Intelligence Competency

How SBSC Help ?

SBSC’s Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Competency offers proven practice of analyzing structured business data. It supports data driven decision making, quick access to data and data quality & consistency. It also provides a framework to improve system and query performance as well as historical intelligence to enable trend analysis of multiple time periods.

Business Intelligence

We provide end to end services and solutions covering key stages like data sourcing, data analysis and risk analysis. It helps to transform your organizational data into intelligence and aid in making fact based decisions

Data Warehousing

Our BIDW practice offers a comprehensive suite of data warehousing services to help enterprises overcome the challenges of voluminous and siloed data, data quality issues and unstructured data formats

Data Integration & Migration

We help in Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL), implementing data integration solutions, BI platform integrations, unstructured data handling and enterprise content integration.

Data Visualization & Reporting

We help deliver self-serviceable business intelligence helping organizations speed up their time to insight by creating interactive, visual reports & dashboards.

Benefits With SBSC

Operational Reporting
Operating reports covers the daily operation in a business..

By forecasting, managers can make predictions based on specific set of data. It allows them to determine the success of certain decisions and forecast the result of some alternative solutions.

Customer Intelligence
Customer Intelligence is a highly useful tool when it comes to analyzing consumer trends.

Instant Response
Business Intelligence also helps you to get instant answers or solutions to your business queries.

The SBSC Advantage

  • We combine customization and integration power our tool’s automated management capabilities, resulting in increased productivity and delivery.
  • SBSC has created a well defined project and program methods built on existing processes, templates and data.
  • Our flexible approach allows us to support existing enterprise applications to improve project and program delivery, however, we are equipped to support emerging technologies as well.